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to discover / find / innovate /solve.


Studio Finna is a Helsinki based design studio established by design duo Anni Pitkäjärvi and Hanna-Kaarina Heikkilä. The dynamic duo has been working since 2014 with a wide range of projects from furniture design and products to interior design and architecture. 

Their works have been recently exhibited in Italy, The United Kingdom, Finland, Sweden and Mexico. Their works have piqued interest in numerous blogs both domestic and international. Recent press coverage includes appearances in Wallpaper, Icon Magazine, Domus, Fiera, ELLE, Vogue living and Wohn.



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Studio Finna Creative Oy
Unioninkatu 45 F 82,
00170, Helsinki


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Anni Pitkäjärvi  Designer / Co-founder  anni(a) +358 40 57 27 484

Anni Pitkäjärvi

Designer / Co-founder

+358 40 57 27 484


Anni Pitkäjärvi is originally from Jyväskylä, from the central part of Finland. She has a Master’s Degree in Furniture and Spatial design from Aalto University. Anni has also graduated as industrial designer from Joensuu University of applied sciences. She has worked as freelance designer for many well-known Finnish and inter­national brands including Artek, Aarikka, Hakola and Okdesign. In fall 2015 she did an internship in design headquarters of IKEA in Älmhult, Sweden.

Anni’s signature style in design is clear and re­duced but never boring. In her design practice she wants to combine artistic vision and feasibility for mass-production. She wants to design insightful and emotionally touching objects and furniture without forgetting usability.


Hanna-Kaarina Heikkilä  Designer / Co-founder  hk(a) +358 40 5330403

Hanna-Kaarina Heikkilä

Designer / Co-founder

+358 40 5330403


Hanna-Kaarina Heikkilä grew up in Kemi, a small town in the northern part of Finland. Having an ar­chitectural background she has also studied design at Aalto University. Heikkilä has worked as a designer at IKEA of Sweden for 2 years. During her professional career she has done architecture across many different kinds of projects. She has worked in architecture offices such as OOPEAA and Sou Fujimoto. As a freelance designer she has collaborated with companies like Artek and Ferm Living.

Hanna-Kaarina has lived and worked abroad in Copenhagen, Sweden and Tokyo. She is very interested in different cul­tures, materials and working methods. Working abroad with her projects is in high priority. She applies the know-how of different scales and various materials to her work and takes a unique multi-disciplinary approach to different design tasks. With her creations she aspires to generate unforgettable experiences and new sto­ries, phenomena and memories. An open-minded attitude, outstanding multi-tasking skills and passion to design incite the artist´s interest to explore new methods






2017  The Most Coveted New Brand from Isaloni 2017, Coveted magazine
2016  The Promise of the Future-prize, Muotogaala, Luomo Collective, Helsinki, Finland
2016  Toimittajien tusina 2016, The 12 best Finnish interior design products of the year 2016. Pinna hatshelf

2016  Talentshop, Imu design
2015  Protoshop, Imu design, Pinna hatshelf
2014  Protoshop, Imu design, Lempi shelf



Exhibitions and Trade shows


2019 Japanese design today 100 years, Helsinki , Finland
2019 Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair, Ferm Livings

2018 - Helsinki collection,
2018 Signals exhibiton, HABITARE, Helsinki, Finland
2018 Side Show, Paja&Bureau, Helsinki, Finland
2018 Shaping the Future, Berlin and Prague
2018  Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair, Adea Oy and Ferm Living

2017 Shaping the Future, Dublin and Stoke-on-Trend
2017  Enter and Encounter, Finnish Design 100 Years Anniversary exhibition, Design Museum, Helsinki, Finland
2017  HABITARE, Eco design - exhibition, Helsinki, Finland
2017  HABITARE, Hakola and Adea Oy.

2017  Salone Satellite, Salone del Mobile, Milan, Italy
2017  Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair, Adea Oy. 
2017  Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair, Hiipakka Oy.

2016  Lokal gallery, Yhes - exhibition, Helsinki, Finland
2016  Shaping the future,Helsinki, Ljubljana, Dublin, Stoke-on-Trent, Berlin, Prague
2016  HABITARE, Talentshop, Helsinki, Finland
2016  HABITARE, Singnals - exhibition
2016  HABITARE, Eco Design - exhibition
2016  HABITARE, Toimittajien tusina,The 12 best Finnish interior design products of the year 2016
2016  ID Helsinki - Interior and design, Helsinki, Finland
2016  Kasvu, Lokal Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
2016  Salone Satellite, Luomo collective, Milan, Italy2016  WP.
2016  Working Progress , Stockholm, Sweden
2016  Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair, Okdesign. 
2016  Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair, Hakola Oy. 
2016  Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair, Linak Ltd. Stockholm, Sweden
2016  LED-IT, Lokal Gallery

2015  New Food Culture, AMF Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
2015  Wild in the City vol. London, England
2015  Wild in the City vol. Helsinki, Saariaho Järvenpää Gallery, Helsinki,Finland
2015  HABITARE, Protoshop, Helsinki, Finland
2015  HABITARE, Hakola Oy. Helsinki, Finland
2015  HABITARE, Artek. Helsinki, Finland
2015  Helsinki Design Week,  Aalto University & Linak Oy. 
2015  Salone Satellite,Still Leben, Aalto University, Milan, Italy, 
2015  Stocholm Furniture Fair, Greenhouse, Ultramarine, Stockholm, Sweden
2015  Take the winter coat off, Gallery Kukuruchos, Gallery Lokal, Abierto Mexicano de diseno @libreria porrua Mexico, Guadalajara, Mexico city, Finland, Helsinki
2015  Designing Soul, Aalto EE Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
2015  Bloom, Gallery Lokal, Young emerging designers, Helsinki, Finland
2015  Free hands, Gallery Arts, Experimental design –exhibition, Helsinki, Finland

2014  Aarikka 60 years with joy! jubilee exhibition, Helsinki, Finland
2014  Waste Side Story fashion show, Costo and Pure Waste Textiles, Helsinki, Finland
2014  HABITARE, Protoshop, Helsinki, Finland
2014  Klar exhibition, Isku Showroom, Helsinki, Finland 






10/2019 Deko

5-6/2019 Asun #4
4/2019 Deko

2/2019 Elle, Denmark
2/2019 Asun
2/2019 Kori ja Keittiö
2/2019 Gloria Koti
1/2019 AD, Italy
1/2019 Deko

12/2018 Deko
12/2018 Avotakka
11/2018 Deko
11-12/2018 Koti ja Keittiö
10/2018 Avotakka
10/2018 Deko

9/2018 Deko, Estonia
9/2018 Gloria koti
9/2018 Avotakka
8/2018 Deko
8/2018 Avotakka
7-8/2018 Asun #4, Finland
7/2018 Avotakka, Finland
4/2018 Avotakka, Finland
3/2018 Avotakka, Finland

12/2017  Avotakka, Finland
11/2017  Avotakka, Finland
9-10/2017  Vogue Living, Australia
8/2017  ICON magazine, UK
8/2017  ELLE Decoration Germany
8/2017  ELLE Decor India
7-8/2017 #4 Wohn! Design, Germany
8/2017  Plaza Koti, Finland

3/2017  Pagina 99, 11.3.2017, Italy
1/2017  Design@Home, France
1/2017  Avotakka, Interview
1/2017  Deko

12/2016  IMAGE
12/2016  Avotakka
12/2016  ICON Magazine, UK
11/2016  IMAGE, Interview
11/2016  Avotakka, The Best Products of the Year selected by Avotakka
10/2016  Wallpaper, UK
10/2016  étapes, issue 233/4, France
9/2016  Asun #5
9/2016  Avotakka
9/2016  Gloria koti
9/2016  Deko
9/2016  Koti ja Keittiö. Luomo collective wins The Promise of the future prize, Muotogaala 2016.
7/2016  DEKO, Lithuania
5/2016  Fiera Magazine, issue #4, UK
6/2016  Das Ideale Heim, Archithema, Switzerland
4/2016  IFDM, Italy
3/2016  Deko
2/2016  Avotakka
1/2016  Deko
1/2016  Asun #1

12/2015  Deko
10/2015  Avotakka
9/2015  Wallpaper, HDW, UK
9/2015  Avotakka
9/2015  GlorianKoti
9/2015  Deko
8/2015  ICON Magazine, Interview
8/2015  8 Stories on Creativity, Aalto University
5/2015  AR, The Arhitectural Review
4/2015  Wallpaper, Salone del Mobile
3/2015  Deko

11/2014  Koti ja keittiö
10/2014 Glorian Koti
9/2014  Avotakka



In production


NEW! UTRUSTNING thermos jug and TROLIGTVIS trip mug design with Kevin Gouriou for IKEA
NEW! Pujo coat stand for Ferm Living

Pujo hanging coat rack for Ferm Living
Självständig: Tapes, Floor cushion, Patterns, Rugs, Vase, Bowl with legs, Trays for IKEA
Sammanhang: Cork cabinet, Tray stand and trays, Cork box set of 3, Square glass box with lid, Grey box with lid, set of 4. for IKEA
Knife set and stand for IKEA

Pujo coat rack and Pujo wall table for Ferm Living

Champagne glass pattern for Ritzenhoff
Napkin print for Duni, Aarikka
Cabinet collection for Hiipakka (Sotka / Finland 100 years collection, KAARNA)
Saimaa collection, Spring/Summer 2017, 2018 for Aarikka

Pinna hat shelf for Okdesign
Lempi shelf for Hakola