Heikkilä and Pitkäjärvi represent the cutting edge of emerging Finnish designers. Awarded design duo work tirelessly to materialize their novel ideas into the best possible end results. They are interested in re­searching, experimenting and deepening their unique approach in design. “We are always on the lookout for something new. We love to expand our skills everyday.“ Heikkilä and Pitkäjärvi never settle for mediocrity and are not afraid of challenging themselves. The team constantly searches new challenges, exciting prospects and opportunities with new collaborations and design partnerships with companies to expand their creativity to new levels.


Pujo coat rack and wall table - 2018


Tovi shelf - 2016


Tovi Collection started from a study to explore the relation of 3 dimensional shapes and flat surfaces. We played with the idea to make a collection that gives the freedom to create variable collages. Different materials are used in the objects. The products can be used in various places in private homes as well in hotels for example. 


Saimaa collection - 2017

Unique Saimaa

Aarikka’s spring/summer 2017 collection has taken its inspiration from nature: the lakes of Saimaa, its peninsulas, beaches and beach cliffs. The Saimaa range, Aarikka’s stylishly laid-back new addition, brings new and interesting shapes and playfulness to sauna spaces with its wall sconces and its towel hooks that resemble fishing floats. This range, designed by Anni Pitkäjärvi, also includes a sauna thermometer, a small and large wall shelf, a towel clip, a small and large vase as well as stylish Saimaa textiles.

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Henki - 2016

Henki is a mood lightning that creates a calm atmosphere in the space. Things are turned upside down in the product, the light source is placed on the upper part and the lamp shade is place on the table. The body is mold blown glass and the upper part is lathed ash. The idea was to make a minimalistic product with a strong character.

Thanks to glass blower Manuel Diemer, Glass school Nuutajärvi


O pendant lamp - 2016

O is a pendant lamp made out of thin airplane plywood. Its sophisticated shape reminds of the Finnish lake clams. The lamp shade is made using the best qualities of the material. It creates an interesting shape with minimalistic details. The product is shipped in a flat pack. The light source is a standard big light bulb.


Pinna hat shelf - 2015


Pinna is a modernized interpretation of a hat shelf. In contrast to the traditional rectangular shelf, Pinna has the shape of a half circle that forms a basket-like structure. Its central part functions as a container for scarves and gloves and the rounded edge holds hangers for coats.  

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Lempi shelf - 2014


Lempi is a small buduoir shelf, which can be placed in a bedroom, bathroom or entrance hall. It can be used to display one's favourite perfumes and jewelry. The circular frame has been inspired by art deco style and it can be used for hanging clothes, a towel, or maybe a beloved dress to decorate the room. The frame is collapsible.

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Keshiki - Art glass 2015

Keshiki -hazy landscapes in glass is an installation that was born from a study of colors and glass blowing techniques. In the process landscape pictures were first transformed into aquarelles and then an intensive study to transfer their atmosphere into objects using hot glass was done. The journey was an experimental process to find out ways to achieve the wanted effects. When the objects are combined, the installation’s unique landscape fragments form an eclectic whole. Each object is mouth blown and unique. The installation is going to be exhibited in the 100 year anniversary exhibition of Finnish design in Design museum Helsinki spring 2017.

Thanks to the great mentor and teacher Mervi Haapasalo, glass blower


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